Offering Your Practice Complete Validation For All Sterilisation Equipment

The HTM 01-05 regulations (which will now supercede the old and somewhat out of date HTM 2010 and HTM 2030 regulations), require that sterilisation equipment be properly maintained. It is now therefore more necessary than ever that all dental practices ensure any machines used in the sterilisation process are properly validated on a regular basis.

By having these machines frequently tested, the dental practice can ensure that they are working correctly, and thus avoid any cases of cross-contamination, which could occur if the machine isn't working as it was designed to.

Dental Autoclave Validations

Our engineers have passed all the relevant qualifications needed to carry out annual and quarterly tests, up to the new HTM 01-05 standards, on washer disinfectors, autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners.

We insist on using only the highest quality monitoring equipment, along with the internationally renowned, market-leading, TQSoft monitoring software. This combination delivers extremely accurate test results, so all of our clients can be truly sure that their machines are performing to the strictest HTM 01-05 standards.

All of our tests come with a comprehensive printed report, including a visual graph of the full test cycle. This should be retained as evidence that the machine is operating as intended.

Please Note The Following:

The one time, single machine validations we offer are ideal for certain situations, such as when you acquire a new piece of sterilisation equipment (which must always be tested and validated immediately prior to usage in your practice). It is however, more cost effective to have your machines covered under one of our maintenance plans (especially if your surgery has multiple machines in use). This way you can guarantee that all the required tests are carried out when they are needed. If you are unsure about which method is best for your practice, please call us and we will assist you.