Sterilisation Rooms

The arrival of the HTM 01-05 regulations has meant changes in the way many dental practices carry out their daily duties. As a result of HTM 01-05, thorough and effective sterilisation procedures are now vital in every single surgery. At the heart of these new regulations lies the sterilisation room - a space dedicated to keeping all vital tools clean and safe for use.

The sterilisation room requires careful planning, and in itself must comply to the strict specifications set out in HTM 01-05. Dental practices therefore can't just use an exisiting space to function as a sterilisation room, without first checking that it fully meets the requirements.

Unique Dental Maintenance Services has planned, constructed and installed various sterilisation rooms within different practices. Our plans are all HTM 01-05 approved and fully meet the new regulations, so you can be assured of your compliance with them.

Having a properly designed sterilisation room not only ensures your compliance with regulations, but also allows you to carry out your cleaning duties more effectively, and feel secure in the knowledge that your patients are free from any potentially harmful or serious infections.

If you require a quotation for a sterilisation room, or for any equipment, help, or advice, please contact us now.

The image below shows a before and after picture of a sterilisation room which we designed and constructed for Church Street Dental Practice in Hull.

Sterilisation Rooms