The Unique Dental Service Inspection

Our service inspection was developed in response to CQC recommendations, which emphasized the need for dental surgeries to be regularly maintained and serviced, in order to provide patients with the best in quality care. This service inspection was designed by us, with two main aims: to meet these recommendations, whilst at the same time minimizing those costly and time consuming call-outs. It provides a full service to the dental chair, amongst other common parts like the nurses cart and suction pump.

Repeat call out charges for breakdowns can soon add up to become a major expense, and so many times these call outs can easily be avoided. Regular servicing of dental equipment should increase the lifespan, and ensure that it is safe for use.

Unique Dental Maintenance Services have designed an affordable service inspection, for single or multiple surgery practices.

The dental service plan is carried out annually, and covers the following:

Furthermore, Unique Dental Maintenance Services has compiled simple and easy to follow charts of essential in-house duties, to be carried out by the staff. These charts, used in conjunction with this service plan, will help to reduce any call-outs and costly charges.

Discounts will be applicable to all dental practices who require cover for multiple surgeries.

Dental Service Plans

Please Note The Following:

Further discounts will be offered to any dental practices which combine a service inspection and a maintenance plan together.