The Unique Dental Maintenance Plan

Our maintenance plan is focused on delivering the full suite of required tests for all of your vital dental equipment, such as steriliser, compressor and X-Ray machines, in one convenient and cost effective package.

With the introduction of the HTM 01-05 regulations, these tests will become absolutely crucial in providing proof of your good practice, with regard to decontamination procedures in the dental practice.

The maintenance plan will include all required annual and quarterly tests for the machines you specify. This plan can be completely tailored to the individual, and can cover any or all of the equipment types (listed below) in your practice. In short, you tell us what you want covering with the plan.

Our engineers are well trained, knowledgeable, and hold all qualifications which are relevant to carrying out the tests they need to perform. We use the highest quality test equipment, combined with the well known, state of the art TQsoft software package. This provides an extremely accurate test platform, which produces results you can thoroughly rely on. We also provide you with a printed, fully documented copy of the data for each machine we test, complete with a visual graph displaying the entire cycle.

What the Dental Maintenance Plan covers:

An initial on-site inspection, including any equipment which is to be covered under this plan. All statutory annual and quarterly inspection and testing requirements, as applicable to the following equipment types: Washer Disinfector(s), Ultrasonic Cleaner(s), Sterilizer(s), Autoclave(s), Air Compressor(s), X-Ray unit(s) and any electrical appliances which can be unplugged (P.A.T. Testing).

Washer Disinfector(s) And Ultrasonic Cleaner(s)

Autoclave(s) And Steriliser(s)

Air compressor(s)

X-Ray Machine(s)

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing)

This includes any electrical item that can be physically unplugged. An Annual visit to carry out combined inspection and testing of all portable electrical appliances. Included are the following In-service tests:

The radiation survey on the X Ray unit/s (which is required every 2 to 3 years) is not a part of the annual maintenance plan, although it can easily be arranged and carried out by ourselves. This service would be invoiced separately upon completion.

Dental Maintenance Plans

Please Note The Following:

Discounts will be offered to any dental practices which take out a service plan and a maintenance plan together.

This plan has the option of paying by a single full payment, or spreading the cost over 12 monthly installments by standing order.