Securilog Secure Data Logger

The Isopharm Sentry Securilog - Sold And Fully Installed By Unique Dental Maintenance Services

More than ever with the release of HTM01-05, decontamination cycle data is required to be documented with the data stored for possible reliance in court should a case of cross infection be brought against a department or surgery that process reusable instruments.

Receipt printers have been the norm for this evidence for many years and have been fitted to many machines involved in the decontamination process. Due to the storage requirements for keeping many years worth of process receipts, sterilizer and washer manufacturers are promoting data storage units as an alternative to printers which has proved very popular.

Security of decontamination process data is just as important as security of patient data as it is there to protect the department or surgery in a court of law should their infection control procedures be brought into question.

What has come to light after a review of data loggers currently on the market is that many are storing data in an unsecured format which means that it is actually changeable using simple text programs available on any PC. This raises the question as to the suitability of the data as evidence and are practices actually protected against litigation when updating from printer to data logger?

Receipt printers that are being removed in favour of data loggers could actually provide more protection as evidence. The ability to store records electronically and negate the need to store hundreds of paper rolls of process data has had such an overwhelming appeal that the thought of the security of that data may have been overlooked.

The Securilog Secure Data Logger Features Include:

  • Logs all your decontamination process electronically.
  • No more paperwork, and easy record retrieval.
  • All data stored in a fully secured tamper-proof format.
  • Provides evidence of your due diligence and 'good practice'.
  • Compatible with washer disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, sterilizers and autoclaves.
  • Provides instant local indication to the operator of pass or failed cycles.

The Securilog Secure Data Logger From Isopharm Sentry Makes Your Vital Decontamination Data Tamper-Proof

Although there is no mention in HTM01-05 regarding the security of acquired data from data loggers, HTM01-06 in the same series of the standards (testing endoscope washers in hospitals) does dictate the requirement of making all test data secure:

Isopharm Sentry believe that data security should be addressed to an equal level of importance in all HTM01 documents across the series. To not include such guidance may create an air of misunderstanding that leaves departments and surgeries wide open to litigation when they do in fact believe they are using modern methods to protect themselves.

On the surface, replacing your printer with a data logger will save time and the money spent on consumables whilst negating the need for hardcopy storage. However, when choosing a data logger you should always ask how the device will protect you and its users with regards to data security and evidence against litigation.


Securilog Data Logger